23 September 2016

Analysis: Governors and security votes

  by Ayo Opeoluwa In recent times, the question of security vote has polarized Nigerians into those who wants it scrapped and those who wants a rethink […]
21 September 2016

YMonitor Poll, our followers decide

Our poll result shows that more people would have us pick the issue of Governors and security vote to discuss in our next TV programme “Rubbin Minds”. There is no […]
21 September 2016

Anambra unfolds stimulus package to ease recession

  Governor Obiano in a special broadcast in awka yesterday unfolds an economic stimulus package to ease the pain of recession in the state. This makes […]
21 September 2016

Are We Too Young To Run?

The “#NotTooYoungToRun bill” was discussed on Rubbin’ minds and the details of the bill in the light of the present political system that gives room for […]
20 September 2016

The paradox of WAI

by Usman Alabi President Buhari re-introduces his WAI brigade 31 years after his military dispensation. For people of my generation, they might not have had a […]
20 September 2016

Spending on roads in Lagos

  by Jubril Lekan The mantra “Lagos is working” has come to stay irrespective of the person at the helms of affairs, Lagos seems to always […]
20 September 2016

Everything you need to know about the “Communication Service Tax Bill”

by Usman Alabi It is called the “communication service tax bill It has passed the first reading both in the Senate and the House of Representatives […]
20 September 2016

A Nation in Recession

    Majority of the population have not witnessed recession before now, only on the pages of textbooks or news tabloid do they experience the concept, […]
19 September 2016

Expectations of Nigerians from Buhari’s Government

Perhaps President Muhammadu Buhari is on a salvage mission to rescue a sinking ship, something that he seems not to be fully aware of before his […]